Threats to Planned Parenthood May Affect Men, LGBTQ+ Community

CITY COLLEGE–Elizabeth Betanzo, a 20-year-old Bronx resident, remembers the early days of her adolescence when she recalls not being educated on sex in general, much less safe sex. This lack of knowledge caused her to rely on emergency contraceptives. 

“Plan B’s are like $50. I remember my partner and I having to use my allowance money to be able to purchase one,” said Betanzo. “It wasn’t until I discovered Planned Parenthood that I was able to walk in and purchase emergency contraceptives for $6. They make it clear that there’s no need to feel embarrassed because it’s completely normal.”

However, if current trends continue, those in situations similar to Betanzo’s might not have Planned Parenthood to rely on. Due to overturned abortions laws, many states only have one abortion offering Planned Parenthood clinic. Yet, the organization offers several health services that are not exclusive to women. These range from birth control to testicular and prostate cancer screening to HIV-prevention medication.