Media Investment CEO Returns to College

CITY COLLEGE–Kirk McDonald, the CEO of GroupM North America, one of the world’s largest media investment companies, has returned to The City College of New York to finally get his college degree. After 33 years, McDonald picked up where he stopped in 1989. He left school with only a few credits to go. “I’m excited about being a student again, excited about the three classes I’ve got to go take and whatever coursework I need to complete to earn my degree,” says McDonald.  

We decided to follow him on his journey this spring as he finally achieves his dream of a college degree, a dream that fulfills his mother’s wish. “I made Ebony’s Power 100 list the same year as Michelle Obama. And my mother said, ‘Oh, that’s so nice. But you know, you should go and check with City College and just finish your degree,” he chuckled.