Queens College Opens New School of Arts

BARUCH COLLEGE–Queens College officially launched its new School of Arts on May 5 with an “Art Walk” that took family members and other visitors on a tour throughout the college’s art facilities.

The school will add to Queens College’s already well-established arts programming that up until now has been housed within the college’s School of Arts and Humanities.

“Queens College has long led in the arts,” Queens College President Frank Wu said. “We are a civic institution serving the ‘World’s Borough.’ Everywhere I travel in New York City, I meet people who are alumni—and folks whose parents, siblings, cousins, or neighbors attended Queens College. Art is for all members of our diverse democracy. It cannot—it must not—be limited to a privileged few. That ultimately is why our School of Arts is destined to succeed. It has the most idealistic mission: To promote the participation of all of our students in the fullness of life.”