CUNY Passes Student Activity Fee Increase for Brooklyn College

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–CUNY’s Board of Trustees passed a referendum from Brooklyn College’s Undergraduate Student Government that called for a $5.15 increase in the school’s student activity fee. The fee, which students pay every semester, will move from $114.85 to $120 for all BC undergraduate students.

“We are all very excited about the referendum passing because it means more events for every Brooklyn College student to enjoy and a more efficient allocation of funds,” said Dylan Karlowski, a junior at BC and USG’s new press director.

About 8% of the BC undergraduate student body voted on the referendum ballot. 456 students voted in favor of the referendum, while 139 voted against it. On Apr. 22, BC President Michelle Anderson certified and signed the referendum, and sent it to CUNY’s Central Office for the BOT’s committee meeting in May. After the BOT approved the referendum at that meeting, it officially passed the referendum on June 26.