Brightspace Platform To Replace Blackboard

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–The CUNY Board of Trustees approved the replacement of Blackboard with learning platform Brightspace following the end of CUNY’s contract with the former. The Office of Academic Affairs will manage the transition. Starting in Fall 2023, the team will phase in the program at a selection of colleges each semester until it is fully integrated on all campuses.

According to university officials, the move to Brightspace is not only due to the end of the contract with Blackboard; it also supplies students with new ways of learning and engagement.

“The transition allows us to expand on CUNY’s mission of access to our education,” said University Executive Director Evan Silberman, who is overseeing the transition. “Brightspace allows us to provide our students with new ways to help them connect with the CUNY community that can lead to a transformative experience in our students’ lives and impact generations to follow.”