QC Lifts Mandatory ID Entry, Creating Possible Safety Issue

QUEENS COLLEGE–Students and faculty will no longer have to queue up and fish out their QCards to gain entry onto campus. Instead, they can simply walk right in. As of Aug. 7, Queens College announced the implementation of a new campus access protocol in which QCards would no longer be required to access campus. 

In the past few semesters, alongside a QCard, the college required proof of vaccination in the form of a Cleared4 Pass for entry onto campus. While initially a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, this maintained a sense of restriction on who could enter our enclosed community in Flushing. So, what exactly led to this dramatic policy shift? 

According to Desirae Colvin, Chief of Staff to the President, in a statement to The Knight News, there were a multitude of factors involved when deciding whether or not to retain an ID tap-in policy: