‘Care Not Cuts!’: Women’s Center Protests Hiring Freeze

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–An army of pink descended upon the West Quad gate as the leaders of the Women’s Center rallied on Tuesday, Sept. 18, demanding more action from Brooklyn College administration for the two positions left vacant at their Center. The vacancies, which underwent initial review earlier this spring, are because of a hiring freeze from CUNY Central, which has led to a debate on why the positions have still not been filled.

The activists at the rally called on BC President Michelle Anderson to heed the requests so that the Center can move forward with its programming. As The Vanguard previously reported, workers at the Center are also specifically calling on the administration to take action, reasoning that their lack of response is a major cause of the Center’s frustration.

“The administration ignored us,” said Alleyah Charlton, the Center’s social media manager and a senior at BC. “We see already that without the full-time positions of office manager and program coordinator, there is no one to always be at the Center to talk to us when we need it.”