Queens College Tries to Stay Neutral After On-Campus Pro-Choice Protest

QUEENS COLLEGE–Less than a month ago, faculty members rallied outside the Student Union building to protest a pro-life figure’s invitation to campus.

“We’re out here to protest Bishop [Robert J.] Brennan who’s giving a mass, and we’re protesting his anti-abortion positions, and also the fact his organization that he sits on regularly disseminates false information about abortion that hurts those who need to access abortion,” Professor Karen Weingarten from the English department, who was one of the protest organizers, said.

Bishop Brennan received the invitation to campus from Father Jose Diaz, the recently-hired chaplain and director of Campus Ministry at the college, the media relations office at Queens College told The Knight News

Brennan, the Bishop of Brooklyn, is currently on the Pro-Life Committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). In an infographic found on their website, they claim that “Abortion does not save women’s lives. Abortion is never medically necessary. It does not treat or solve any pregnancy-related complication[s],” among many other things.