CSI Athletes Stranded in Brooklyn After the Marathon

COLLEGE OF STATEN ISLAND–Athletes were left in Brooklyn for over 9 hours due to a disorganized event planned by the school’s athletic director and the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, SAAC.

Due to the NYC Marathon, bridges were closed, leaving students with few options for traveling back to Staten Island. Athletes felt stranded as staff had few answers to questions about how everyone would return home. Hungry, frustrated, and tired, some athletes began to take matters into their own hands despite the plans Chase Licata, the athletic director, and SAAC had.

“We had a challenge of getting back to Staten Island,” said Licata. “Thought it would be easier taking the ferry than going around New Jersey or waiting for the bridge to open.”

Some athletes left the marathon early and found their own ways home as they took the subway to the ferry. Others walked the four miles back to Staten Island. The faculty continuously told the athletes the buses were near but could not come to us due to road closures.