‘The Forgotten Borough’ Highlights Staten Island’s Broken Subway System

COLLEGE OF STATEN ISLAND–In the bustling metropolis of New York City, where boroughs command attention and vie for recognition, one often finds itself in the shadow of its counterparts: Staten Island. Unassumingly referred to as the “Forgotten Borough,” Staten Island has endured a lingering disconnect from the rest of the city, largely in part because it lacks a comprehensive subway system. However, the tide of indifference began to recede on Oct. 17, as the College of Staten Island took the initiative to host an enlightening event. 

“The Forgotten Borough: Staten Island and the Subway” aptly captured the essence of the occasion. This gathering brought together community members, esteemed local politicians and transit experts, all united under a common goal: to discuss the transportation challenges faced by Staten Islanders and deliberate on potential solutions. Attendees were treated to a series of meticulously crafted presentations and engaging panel discussions, offering profound insights into the historical context, existing state and prospects of a subway connection for Staten Island.