Literary Voyage: Baruch Lecturer Unveils Debut Poem Collection

BARUCH COLLEGE–Mishkin Gallery hosted a live reading of English department lecturer Safia Jama’s debut poem collection “Crowded House” on Nov. 2. Along with presenting the work, the author held a Q&A to share her work with Baruch College students and faculty.

Jama described “Crowded House” as a “breakup album,” aiming to uncover feelings of grief, generational trauma, gratitude and self-transformation. The collection’s first poem, “Aubade with Craws,” sets the tone by foreshadowing a departing love. 

For students, each piece opened a new door into a journey of reflection. Using metaphors such as the TV in “Public Television” or the personification of ducks in “Ducks Through Winter,” Safia invited attendees to find special meaning and memories in everyday life.