Cat Rescuers Lose Only Affordable Clinic in Queens

BARUCH COLLEGE–There is more to the trending “Cat Distribution System” meme than a gray tabby cat suddenly appearing at your front door. There are about 60 to 100 million homeless cats in the United States— and New York City is no exception to the overpopulation of these wandering felines. For those trying to help control that growth, some neighborhoods have more challenges than others.

For the past three years, Diana Alvarez has worked unwaveringly to get feral and community cats trapped, neutered, and returned (TNR) or adopted, hoping to minimize the number of kitten births in neighborhoods across Queens. Aside from being a Senior Vice President Treasury Sales Manager at a commercial bank in New York City, she independently rescues cats to secure limited appointments with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’s free to low-cost spay/neutering services. 

But now the ASPCA’s Glendale clinic— the only free spay and neuter facility in Queens for animal rescuers— has permanently closed down.