Media Studies Rolls Out Revived Journalism Minor; Emphasis on Digital Media; Community Engagement

QUEENS COLLEGE–After a three-year hiatus in which no formal journalism curriculum existed at Queens College, the Media Studies Department has announced a revived journalism minor with new courses premiering in the Spring of 2024.

The curriculum for the minor is still in development and will include classes from a variety of departments, including English, sociology and media studies, drawing on principles of community engagement and emphasizing digital media literacy based on current trends in the journalism market. While some of the minor’s requirements remain to be determined, there are already two journalism classes being offered in Spring 2024: Introduction to News Reporting (JOURN 101W) and Specialized Reporting (JOURN 310).

Though the previous journalism minor was never formally canceled, it was gradually phased out beginning in 2018, when the director of the minor was asked to find a department to house and sponsor the program, which operated independently at the time.