Queering the Archives: A Celebration of 30 Years of LGBTQ+ History at Queens College

QUEENS COLLEGE–“My deepest darkest secret is, I’m gay.” The line was read plainly but sincerely, a blunt and intimate confession that set the scene for the rest of the performance.

An immense variety of statements followed it, read by a cast of performers as diverse as the sentiments they conveyed: “Why couldn’t I have been born a woman?… I can’t believe it! I’m in love…I’ve been told Reagan’s brain is growing mold.”

From the auditorium of the Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library on the evening of Nov. 15, performers breathed new life into excerpts from LGBTQ journals kept by Queens College students from 1987 to 2017, in a special reading called Queering the Archives: Adapting LGBTQ Journals for the Stage.