Another Semester without a Cafeteria

YORK COLLEGE–York College has been without a cafeteria since 2019 because of multiple mice sightings, roaches, poor plumbing, and 51 health violations. Ever since, there have been few dining options for students on campus.

The Hungry for Knowledge Food Pantry located near the Women’s Center on the third floor of the Academic Core building has noticed an increase in users.

“In my experience with managing the pantry, food insecurity on our campus, and in the larger surrounding community, remains high,” said Ebony Jackson, director of the Women’s Center. “We’ve seen more and more newcomers to the pantry while maintaining our repeat visitors.” She added that more food options, including hot food on campus, are essential, and she is ecstatic to hear about the school’s pending selection of a vendor and the re-opening of the cafeteria.

Other snack and food options include the campus vending machines, which contain various unhealthy choices, and the Starbucks Café. Many also bring food from home and utilize the unsanitary microwaves on the ground floor.