CCNY Women’s Soccer Team Denied Play in NCAA Tournament

CITY COLLEGE–A victorious story took an unexpected turn when the triumphant City College of New York (CCNY) women’s soccer team found itself denied a spot in the Division III NCAA Championships just two days after its big conference win. “Despite us having played all our required games our league was disqualified from participating in the NCAA tournament,” said Isabel Osorio, the junior defender. “The team was devastated by the news.”

This situation was not just a stroke of bad luck. It happened because the CUNY Athletic Conference (CUNYAC) lost its automatic qualifier (a.q.). The CUNY conference did not meet the requirements because two teams — York College and Medgar Evers — failed to play enough games for CUNYAC to retain its status.

This disappointment raises the question of why CUNYAC could not meet NCAA criteria.