Meet the Staten Island Band Rocking the Borough

COLLEGE OF STATEN ISLAND–Ever since 2022, Bleeding Rose has been rocking Staten Island with their passion for music and entertainment. You might have seen them taking the stage of Flagship Brewery in Tompkinsville or at their concert at the Kreischer Mansion in Charleston during the Halloween season. 

Today, the Banner caught up with guitarist Matthew Asmat and lead singer Gianna Romano to discuss the band’s history, passion for performance, and ambitions for the future. 

While their plans for stardom might be big, their origin story is from the small music shop of Castellano’s House of Music. “We’re all music teachers at this shop, Castellano House of Music,” states Asmat, “So we all just kinda met there.” As their passion for music grew, so did their desire to perform in a band. “It was a day I just came in, and Matt and Joe started talking about starting a band,” Romano recalls, “When they asked ` Hey boss! Do you know anyone that can sing? `, she suggested it to me and that was how we started.”