Fresh and Healthy CCNY

 A farmer’s market comes to campus by Jasmine Nieves

Forget Whole Foods; CCNY has its own fresh produce market.

A farmer’s market came to CCNY earlier this month, and many students took advantage of this opportunity to skip the junk food and aim towards the right foods. Once a semester, the City College farmer’s market sets up tents outside the NAC building to sell fruits and vegetables.

This initiative is desperately needed. According to recent studies, many college students are not getting the proper nutrition. Lauren Marino, coordinator of the farmer’s market at City College, agrees. “I don’t think that students are eating healthy,” she says. “The reason is because it is really expensive to eat right.” As she re-arranges a pile of apples, she adds, “it’s sad because the proper foods are out there and so near, but yet so far because they are so pricey.”

Lauren Marino at the farmer’s market

Marino says she tries to keep the farmer’s market prices low. “I really didn’t want to go overboard with the prices, because I know this is a onetime thing,” she says. “I figured I’d give these students a break; they have enough expenses to pay for.”

What’s the most popular item at the market? “Apples!” says Marino. “Come on! We are considered the Big Apple; why wouldn’t New Yorkers not buy them?”

Says freshman Jessica Lantinelli:  “I just bought an apple for like 50 cents and it’s really delicious. I wish this market was here every day for students. I am trying to eat healthy so that would be great.”