New Show Honors the King of Test Prep

 Yes, Stanley Kaplan graduated from CCNY by Shanika Sealy

Every year 400,000 students enroll in Stanley Kaplan courses to master the SAT, LSAT, GRE, GMAT, and MCAT. Most are unaware that Kaplan graduated from City College–even our own students.

No, I was not aware,” says Nigel Wyle.

“I had no idea,” says Christina Lombardi, who adds that, “I think just knowing he graduated from here just gives us hope that we can succeed, and do better.”

Students get the opportunity to learn about the life of Kaplan, AKA the king of testing, at an exhibit in the archives section of the Cohen Library. The exhibit features photographs and documents from Kaplan’s life. Susan Kaplan, Kaplan’s daughter and Andrew Rosen, CEO of Kaplan Inc, will speak at a reception at 6 PM on October 10.

Kaplan is one of the many illustrious CCNY graduates. Donald K. Jordan, executive vice president of the City College alumni association, calls him a great businessman and philanthropist who inspired others to succeed. “Mr. Kaplan was wonderful and generous,” says Jordan. “He was very involved at CCNY and gave donations towards education.”

Born in Brooklyn, Kaplan graduated from CCNY in 1939 earning a B.A in engineering. The Townsend Harris medal and Doctor of Humane Letters are the two highest awards at CCNY; Kaplan received both.

Since he paved the way for students to attend prestigious schools, one student gave thanks. Bakhirddin Shernazarov, a senior says, “His legacy made it possible for all New Yorkers to attend higher education schools. Students can get grants for their high scores.”

The exhibit will remain open until December 31. For further information click here.