CCNY Students Hold Open Mic Sessions About Morales-Assata Center

indexCCNY students involved in the ongoing struggle for the Guillermo Morales-Assata Shakur Community & Student Center held multiple open mics in the NAC Rotunda Thursday afternoon (you can see there here, here and here).

The students-from the recently formed Liber8 CUNY Front activist group- also handed out mock “Wanted” flyers of CCNY Administration leaders. They featured Deidra Hill, VP of Communications and Marketing; Juana Reina, VP of Student Affairs; and even an unknown security officer. The “charges” ranged from burglary to espionage.

One student yelled a list of demands to the administration, including returning the center and apologizing for its seizure. Another spoke of the victories won by student groups using the space, including 24/7 library access during midterms and gender-neutral bathrooms. One of the speakers told The Campus more actions are pending.