Getting Through Midterms 101

It`s that time of the semester again.

City College students took to the library with textbooks, laptops, and notebooks in efforts to prepare for upcoming midterm examinations.

To better accommodate students, the CCNY library staff sent out an email announcing that, “The library and tech center are open 24/7 for midterms and will remain open until 12 midnight Friday, November 8th.”

Many students spoke to The Campus about midterms and how they prepare for the upcoming examinations.

Student Jennisa Lora says, “I feel stressed out. Midterms make me feel like I am taking a final exam. To prepare, I review class notes and re read chapters in my textbooks.”

“Although I may not do well on my midterm, I refuse to allow it to deprive me of future success,” says Cicely Blaise. “How do I prepare for midterms? A great man once said “I think, therefore I am.” So I say “I think I’m awesome, therefore I am awesome.”

A student who wishes to have her name withheld says, “I hate midterms week. To prepare for my tests, I basically pull all nighters and drink tons of coffee.”

The Campus has some tips that could help you  prepare for your upcoming midterms:

  1. Study!  Pulling all nighters can make you feel extremely tired on the day of the exam. Form study groups and type up your class notes a few days ahead of the test date. This is extremely helpful in allowing you to retain information.
  2. Go to bed earlier. The night before your exam, it is not wise to check out Instagram photos or update your Facebook status about how much you hate taking midterms. Rather, get your materials ready, put on your pajamas, and catch some Zs.
  3. Breakfast!  Imagine Gordon Ramsay saying the word. Eat a healthy breakfast to boost your energy. This will help you to fully concentrate on that molecular biology question or essay pertaining to the relationship between Congress and the President.
  4. Keep Calm & Carry On. Stressing will not help you to achieve a high score on your exam. Focus, take a deep breath, and be optimistic.  If you do not do so well on midterms, just remember, it is not the end of the world. Other factors count towards your final grade.