13th Annual White Coat Ceremony

Proud parents, family and friends flooded the Great Hall at 6pm on September 11th for The Sophie Davis School Of Biomedical Education’s 13th Annual White Coat Ceremony. 61 third-year Sophie Davis students received their white coats, officially beginning their journey through medical school. “We’ve seen growth in each other,” said class representatives Jasmine Campbell and Peter Collin, “So being able to celebrate our accomplishments together as a class was more rewarding than receiving our own individual white coats.”

The Sophie Davis School is a seven-year B.S M.D program that addresses the shortage of minority primary care physicians in the United States. Students work through a five-year curriculum to receive their Bachelor of Science degree and complete the first two years of medical school. “Third year is where all the magic happens,” said Makeda Dawkins, a fourth year who attended the ceremony, “It’s where we make the transition from college student to medical student.”

After each student received their white coat, the Class of 2017 recited the Hippocratic Oath declaring their next steps in the path to becoming physicians.  “I know that it only gets harder from here, but getting my white coat and reading the oath definitely gave me extra motivation,” said Stephan Lestin.

Congratulations to the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education’s Class of 2017!