Countdown to New Science Center

SrteU0F1itotrPtE4eJfrF3ZW6O5ic826i8Uxn5yDYQJ29jJAPpZVkPR14uji5KAXZEwcA=w1416-h643The transformation of South Campus is almost here! Students argue the pros and cons by Georgia Stefos

With a decade of planning and a $350 million dollar investment, The Advanced Science Research Center is scheduled to open later this fall.

According to the center’s website, “The ASRC will operate as the nucleus of a University-wide science enterprise, fostering the development of an integrated research network that brings together faculty, students and post-doctoral fellows from CUNY’s colleges across the five boroughs.”

Science students say they are thrilled and hope it boosts CCNY’s reputation in the STEM areas. “I am so excited for the ASRC center to open! I think it is going to bring great things for City College,” says Norhan Ibrahim, a biology major gearing up for medical school next year. “I hope they open soon so I get a chance to work in there before I graduate this spring.”

CCNY is aiming for an influx of both science students and faculty with the opening. Although the buildings guarantee to transform the school with research and grant money, some students are unhappy about the new research center’s opening given the chaos at the start of the semester. Others wonder–what about the rest of the campus where so many buildings still need maintenance?

“Shepard Hall is basically forever under construction,” says transfer student Naomi Byrd. “I just think they should have fixed the buildings we use every day first before going and making new ones.”

Yes, the science buildings will add activity and shine to the school. But some students would prefer working wifi, the end of leaky ceilings and working escalators!



Georgia Stefos