134th Annual Alumni Dinner

On Thursday, November 6, 2014, The Alumni Association of The City College of New York/CUNY will host the 134th Annual Alumni Dinner.  The dinner will be held at The New York Hilton on 6th Avenue and 53rd Street. This year the former Borough President of Manhattan,  C. Virginia Fields and the Friars Club will receive the John H. Finley Award in recognition of their exemplary dedicated service to the City of New York.  The 2014 Townsend Harris Medal, for outstanding postgraduate achievement in their chosen field will be awarded to Stanley Plesent ‘48, Stanley Wolpert ‘53, Irwin Kahn ‘55, Joel Engel ‘57EE, Laura Barbanel ‘62, Phil Coltoff ‘62, and Stanley Nelson ‘76. Students chosen to participate in this event will be special guests of CCNY alumni.  All those who attend, are sure to make history, as we celebrate the accomplishments of our distinguished City College of New York alumni.

The Campus News spoke with Executive Vice President/Executive Director, Donald K. Jordan last week regarding the event.  Mr. Jordan expressed, that after 27 years of service, he is still excited about spreading the news of the renaissance here at The City College of New York.  Jordan was particularly excited about The CCNY alumnus John O’Keefe, who recently received The 2014 Nobel Prize.  He mentioned that O’Keefe is the 10th City College of New York alumnus to win the Nobel Prize.  Mr. Jordan explained, “The Alumni are the college’s link with the past and foundation for the future.”  As an independent corporation, The Alumni Association is delighted to be in partnership with President Lisa S. Coico, who is making great strides at The City College of New York.  The Alumni Association remains devoted to serving alumni and today’s students, in addition to promoting the interests of CCNY.

The Alumni Association began in 1853, 16 young men from a graduating class of 17 formed what is now called the Alumni Association of CCNY.  After 161 years the Alumni Association has grown to build a database of over 130 alumni.  Jordan concluded by saying, “We can feel very proud of knowing that we are the oldest alumni association connected to a public college in the United States of America.”  If you are interested in learning more about activities and the legacy of The Alumni Association, please contact Mr. Donald Jordan at DJordan@ccnyalumni.org.