The New Kids Discuss the Freshman Experience


Welcome class of 2018!

Freshman year is a transition period that all college students experience. Figuring out the campus, learning how to handle the new workload, and making new friends is often overwhelming.

But some freshman are just happy to be at City. “I love the campus,” says Kiran Amadeep Baua, 19, an engineering  major.

Still, a commuter school like City College offers its own set of freshman experiences. Kazi Hosain is learning to deal with the social difficulties that come with going to a college where the students are constantly rushing off home to another borough.“I like the diversity, although people are pretty unsocial,” says Hosain, 18. “So it’s a little hard to make friends.”

Despite the sometimes unfriendly environment, City College gets praise for its campus aesthetics from the new students. “I like the campus, library, and the layout of the campus,” said Subhan Mudasir, 17, another engineering major. However, Mudasir admits that, “the tables and couches could be cleaner.”

Some freshman appreciate the academics and teaching. “Nice faculty,” says Osvaldo Merino, 18. He says he chose City College because of the financial benefits and finding that he is content with the place is an added plus.

Others aren’t quite used to the college workload. “I need to adapt more to the school work,” admits Rosa Victorio, 18, a science major.


At last month’s Freshman Convocation to officially welcome the class of 2018, the ceremony ended in a roar of applause in The Great Hall. Says Merino: “It was a nice welcoming.”