Cheap And Cheesy

By Rosibel Ventura

Contributing Writer

Around New York City, you find people who enjoy a slice of pizza everyday since it’s such a common meal in the city. The quality of pizza defers on the amount of money the consumer is willing to spend.

If you are looking for good pizza and are willing to spend the money, Pizza Palace on Dyckman street in Inwood is a good place to visit. For $2.25,  you can enjoy one of their plain slices; pay $3.00 and you can add any toppings.

The place opened 75 years ago and it has been part of the community ever since. Angulco Aura Soraya has been a frequent customer. “I’ve been coming here since I was a kid,” she said. “The guys are always great, the pizza is great and its been a good place to the community.”

Ingredients play a crucial part when making these slices. “We use our homemade tomato sauce which is great and we also use a lot of Mozzarella cheese,” Lucas Mackey said, a worker at the pizzeria. “Our toppings are killers too, we have Pepperoni, Chicken, and many other options too.”

Also in the vicinity of Dyckman street, Pizza Nova offers seating and other selections like wings, fries, and mozzarella sticks. For $2.50, you can get one of the plain slices; add a topping and you will pay $3.25. “We use a lot of fresh vegetables like mushrooms, everything we use is made here like our tomato sauce,” Jose Catalan, a worker at the pizzeria said.

The customers love this. “We have been coming here since it opened and the pizza is good, it feels fresh when you eat it,” Mello Jaques, a resident on the area said. “What makes it unique is that you don’t feel like you are eating grease, you can actually taste the flavors that go into it without feeling guilty.”

This old-fashioned place has red walls that can take you back in time. “You feel comfortable when you come because the treatment they give you is good,” Mr.Jaques said. “The style of the place is amazing.”

Another good option is Mariella pizza which has been around for 38 years in the city. For $2.50, you can kill the hunger and enjoy one of their plain cheese slices.

Their pizza, which has homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, feeds regular clients and students that make a trip to the pizzeria on their breaks. “We deliver to schools a lot and also to nearby offices,” Mr. Philis, a worker at the pizzeria said. “It is good to be able to serve the regular clients and the new ones that we get everyday.”

Imagine finding yourself hungry and with only one dollar in your possession. Luckily for you, there is the one dollar pizza at 2 Brothers, which are all over the city. There is way more sauce than cheese on one slice but the amount of crust and thickness of the pizza will fill you up completely and it’s a bargain at one dollar.

The people seem to agree with this. “We serve more than 25,000 slices at day,” Durango Reyes, the manager of the pizzeria said. “People come and go, they grab the pizza and head out.”

Janel Martinez, a resident of the area, enjoys the pizza when she can. “I come when I am hungry and can’t find any money or even after a night out,” She said. “The pizza is really good and filling.”

If on the other hand you have more money to spend for a slice of pizza, visiting Prince St. Pizza would be your best option. Located on Prince Street in SoHo, the pizzeria is a must go when you want to enjoy a good slice of pizza.

For $4.00, you can enjoy a Sicilian slice. It’s composed of a good amount of sauce and the right amount of mozzarella cheese. This squared-shaped pizza gives you the opportunity to enjoy the slice from whatever angle you want. The cheese is laid on top of the dough followed by the sauce, which, with each bite you take, you can taste the quality and freshness. The crust has the perfect crunch, where it is not too hard or too soft. The dough is fluffier and thicker than the others which leaves you feeling satiated. The cheese to sauce ratio enhances each bite making it the perfect slice of pizza.

“New York Pizza is the best pizza in the United States,” said Janel Martinez, a New York resident and pizza enthusiast.