Praise for “Wildfire”

Rachel Platten’s third album, Wildfire, is nothing short of fantastic. At 34 years old, Platten’s experience and talent shine through in her first album put out by major record label, Columbia Records. Her first single from Wildfire, “Fight Song,” starts off with soft piano acoustic and then blossoms into a fun pop sound, symbolizing her journey as a musician. With her empowering lyrics, Platten’s “Fight Song” shows how her years as a struggling artist only made her into a better and stronger singer-songwriter.

Her second hit single off Wildfire, “Stand By You,” is a feel-good song about sticking by the person you love, no matter what. With its fun and radio-friendly beat, “Stand By You,” is a song written to make you happy.

Platten’s album shows a sophistication that sets her apart from the other up and coming artists. Each of her songs, which has her named as co-writer, sound different and unique but are still coherent as a full album. She puts her heart into each song, which is seen clearly through her distinct raspy vocals and smart and emotion-filled lyrics. Her song, “Beating Me Up,” has a beat that almost seems to mimic the beat of a broken heart. The lyrics are personal as well, with lines like, “How’d my heart become my enemy?”