Turning Point for Party Girl Director

Party Girl, a zany web-series about a party princess who works the kids’ party circuit, premiered last month. The show, incubated at Ron Howard’s company New Form Digital, follows YouTube fan favorite Lisa Schwartz as she navigates the perils of post collegiate life. Series star Schwartz, her co-writer Lacey Friedman (of The Goldbergs) and director Evan Beamer screened three episodes of the comedy at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

The series, based on Schwartz’s real experiences as various characters, gets to the heart of someone in a rut. She continuously self-sabotages, both romantically and professionally, yet you root for her to succeed. One scene shows Lisa as she teaches a novice Snow White how to urinate without breaking the “no bathroom rule” set by the homeowners. The scene ends with an angry birthday girl fighting for the bottle, drenching her dress, and a resignation from the “fairest of them all.” Her irreverent humor and self-awareness make Lisa feel like a friend, or maybe even you. Only time will tell if this party girl reaches a hard bottom to build back up.

After the screening, Evan Beamer spoke with The Campus about the series he directed and how he hopes the festival will be the turning point of his career: