Kingsborough Professor Profiles


Thomas Eaton: The Man Behind the Drawing Board

With crystal blue eyes and a smile that belongs in a Colgate commercial, Thomas Eaton doesn’t fit the animator stereotype. But make no mistake, bringing art to life is indeed, his life’s work.

Eaton teaches animation in the KBCC art department. He has done a range of short films, comic book strips, and band music video covers. He published his first comic book titled “The Bug Zapper” last year and is currently working on the next chapter.


Okulewicz’s Magic Transcends the Classroom

He walks into the room wearing a maroon shirt tucked into khaki pants with a rainbow fish tie. He greets his students as he sets his briefcase on the desk.

What’s with the tie?

“I don’t know,” says liberal arts major Natalie Heras, breaking out into a smile. “He always comes in with weird ties.”