Brooklyn College Students Sign Petition Demanding President Cut Ties with RHBC

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–A petition demanding Brooklyn College President Michelle Anderson to cut ties with the Residence Hall at Brooklyn College (RHBC) and to protect her students had emerged and is gaining attention throughout the campus.

On Monday, March 11, Brooklyn College student and filmmaker Chris Omar started a petition titled, “BC President Michelle Anderson: Protect Your Students + Cut Ties with the Residence Hall.” The petition, on, starts with, “Michelle Anderson, President of Brooklyn College, for her entire career, has been an advocate for sexual assault victims. Yet, has ignored a pervasive issue hovering over her own campus.” An article The Excelsior published in October about Christine DeLisser who says she was sexually assaulted at RHBC, is linked to the petition. To recap, in 2017, DeLisser was a student at Brooklyn College and was living in the dorms at RHBC. She claimed a maintenance worker gyrated toward her in the elevator and tried to kiss her in her dorm room.