CUNY Students Join Climate Walk Out

Photo: Noah Fleischman / The Ticker
CUNY–CUNY students were among the thousands of people who took to the streets on Fri. Sept. 20 in support of climate change activism. Here is how student journalists covered the event.

Hunter Students Demand Change at Climate Strike

HUNTER COLLEGE–Amela Paljevic gave up animal products over two years ago. She eliminated fast fashion from her life over one year ago. Yet despite her individual actions, the more she thinks about climate change, the more afraid she becomes.

Climate Change Strike 2019

BARUCH COLLEGE–The march was a predominantly youth-led event and was planned out by mainly by students. The New York City Department of Education said that the absence of students attending the strike will be excused as long as they had permission from their parents.

Students Protest Climate Change

BROOKLYN COLLEGE–Tens of thousands of passionate student activists marched through the streets of New York City on Friday, demanding there be an overhaul in the government policies on climate change.

“We deserve a safe future. We demand a safe future,” exclaimed Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish environmental activist during her keynote speech in Battery Park on Friday September 20th.

See You in The Streets: Citizens Around the World Gather for The Climate Strike 2019

CITY COLLEGE–Over 50,000 people from all over the world marched through the streets of downtown New York City to make their presence felt.  Climate Strike 2019 was a sight to behold. The Climate Strikers marched from Foley Square to Battery Park. This demonstration was deemed to be the biggest protest on climate change to date, and the people came out in droves, representing all ages, ethnicities, and countries.  People from states like Louisiana and nations like the UK traveled to New York City all to participate in this march.