Harlem Community Wants Action on Drugs, Crime

CITY COLLEGE–“We have been seeing people do every drug under the sun in our community,” Keysha Blanding said. The Harlem resident, like others, sees beyond the glamorous Harlem depicted in movies, music videos and books. She and other Harlemites worry about crime and drugs and think that public officials should do more. Many of them  plan to express their opinions in the upcoming City Council Democratic Primary on June 27.

People we spoke with didn’t talk about specific candidates. But they had a lot to say about drugs and crime.  “From the moment I get off the train at 125th I am seeing drug addicts, and it gets worse once you actually get on the street,” said Harlem resident Angel Harris. Many in the community are very concerned about drug users on the streets. They feel unsafe and think about moving elsewhere. “I have a son who is only four,” Harris continued. “It’s difficult watching him stare and process seeing addiction on the street every day. I was raised here in Harlem, Polo Grounds, and would love to raise my kids here as well, but honestly, I don’t think I can. From the cost of living, violence, and drugs I’ve been weighing my options and looking at places such as Atlanta.”